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Speak to our mortgage specialists months before your mortgage renewal to lock in the best rate available.


Unsecure debt is currently at an all-time high in Canada. Call us today to discuss how our team can lower your monthly payments with a consolidated mortgage.

Equity Take Out

Looking to pay for a vacation, wedding, or just simply want access to funds through the equity of your home? Give us a call to discuss your best ETO options.

Why refinance?


Most existing mortgage holders in Canada have a 5-year term for their household mortgage. Your financial institution will likely reach out to you 6-8 months prior to your mortgage term ending and offer a renewal option. At this time, Canadians should know how beneficial it is to reach out to a mortgage professional. Your financial institution will only offer the best terms that they specifically have to offer. Whereas a mortgage broker has the ability to shop with multiple lenders to seek out the actual best terms available for you. If your mortgage renewal is coming up or you would like to renew early to take advantage of lower rates, contact our team of professionals today. Our brokers will ensure that you not only receive the lowest rate available, but also save on any breakage or transferring penalties that could apply.


With the average Canadian household debt being at record highs, homeowners are looking towards consolidating their existing debt through refinancing their mortgage. Debt is made up of good debt and bad debt. Bad debt is made up of things such as credit cards, car loans, student loans, and personal lines of credit. These debts typically have high interest rates, which can become a burden to pay off for families. Mortgages are considered good debt as homes usually increase in value over time and their interest rates tend to be drastically lower than the interest rates of bad debts. Homeowners who have bad debt are able to take advantage of the equity in their home by increasing the amount of their mortgage through refinance. This would likely help pay off most or all bad debt. Consolidation is a great way to streamline your finances by wrapping everything up into one simple payment. Contact one of our Mortgage Professionals who will provide a clear breakdown of how you can save by consolidating your bad debt with your mortgage.

Equity Take Out (ETO)

Many Canadians take advantage of the equity they have in their homes by getting a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). A HELOC is an interest-only mortgage, which only charges interest on the amount of funds that you have advanced to yourself. A HELOC may be used to pay for a variety of things, such as: renovations, tuition for education, a wedding, etc. They can also be used strategically as an investment tool. Even if you do not need the funds right now, homeowners would be doing a disservice to themselves if they did not have a HELOC set up. It is a great tool to have access to in case of any investment opportunities arising or for any unforeseen emergencies. Get in touch with one of our professionals to discuss more benefits of having a HELOC.

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