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Acquiring your first home will be the biggest and most important purchase of your life. Contact our mortgage professionals to make the process simple and efficient.


Purchasing a new home? Let our mortgage professionals determine how to stretch your income to maximize your purchasing power.


Looking to begin or add to your Real Estate portfolio? Give one of our mortgage professionals a call to determine the best institution(s) to maintain or grow your portfolio with.

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First Time Home Buyer

For most Canadians, buying their first home will be the largest and most important purchase they will ever make. With the landscape of the Canadian real estate economy changing and prices continuing to increase, purchasing a home is not as straightforward and easy as it once was. Your Financial Institution will be able to offer you only their own mortgage products, whereas City Centre Mortgages has access to over 230 lending institutions. We have mortgage professionals with over 20 years of experience who also specialize in first-time home buying. Our professionals will work alongside yourself and your Realtor to ensure the purchase of your first home is a successful and hassle-free process. Let our mortgage professionals alleviate the workload that is associated with first-time home buying; reach out to our team today to get started.

Owner Occupied

Are you looking to sell your current home to upsize or downsize? With the ever-changing regulations in the Canadian mortgage industry, being approved for a new mortgage may not be as simple as it was with your first home purchase. Factors such as your down payment, current income, current debts, etc., are all taken into consideration when applying for a new mortgage. If you are considering a new mortgage, do contact our company’s professionals; our team will run hypothetical situations to ensure you can upsize or downsize out of your current home with ease.

Revenue Property

Purchasing a revenue property is an exciting time for any Canadian as you are investing for your future; however, it is important to analyze if the investment makes financial sense. Getting a mortgage for a revenue property has factors that differ from purchasing an owner-occupied home, which need to be assessed during the application process. Our mortgage professionals will present a full breakdown of your monthly expenses versus your monthly cash flow. They will then assess and discuss if purchasing a revenue property makes financial sense for you.

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